April 17, 2013



Slave gets his testicles whipped quite extreme.
He screams like a little kid, but the dominatrix does not care!

Mistress Cheyenne has always been a Mistress that mesmerized me.  First, She looks like a twin to my Mistress Marie, except for the 25-30 years of age difference.  Mistress Marie was not nearly as sadistic as Mistress Cheyenne, but would interrogate me a great length about my facination with Mistress Cheyenne.  Mistress would question me to determine if I wanted my sissy balls tormented like this slave’s? I would cry and beg Mistress not to do that to  me.  Mistress would order me to place myself in bondage like the slave in the video and to put the whips out for Her use.  I would be gagged with the inflatable gag after I secured my sissy balls in the humbler.  Mistress would whip me and verbally humiliate me and I would cry and beg as much as the gag allowed, but I got my balls busted but probably only 1/3rd what this guy got.  Oh how my Mistress loved to play these games. This video gets me so aroused, I love to watch it while locked in chastity!

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